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Australia's building and construction industry continues to boom, presenting a lot of opportunities for those who are looking to start or advance their career in this sector.

There are many different types of jobs available in the construction industry, from entry-level positions to management roles. And, with the right experience and certification, you can qualify for some of the most high-paying jobs in the field.

If you're thinking about starting a career in construction, or if you're already working in the industry and looking to move up, here are a few reasons why getting certified can help you achieve your goals.

Become your own boss

Did you know that obtaining a Certificate IV in Building and Construction – CPC40120could allow you to run your own construction business? This is a huge perk if you’re looking for more independence and flexibility in your career.

You’ll learn how to apply building codes and standards, plan construction work, some payroll and finance training, along with conducting onsite supervision of construction projects. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than being your own boss, and you’ll learn how to do that in this field with this certificate.

Manage a construction site

If you’re looking to move up within your company, becoming a Construction Site Manager is a great way to do it. With a Certificate IV in Building and Construction - CPC40120 (offered by Frontier Training and Technology RTO: 21244, HS Business School RTO: 32493, Construction Trades College RTO: 40250,Career Skills Australia RTO: 45254, Australian Industrial Systems Institute RTO: 21916), you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a construction site.

This includes being responsible for the safety of all workers on site, coordinating work schedules, ordering materials, and more. It’s a demanding job, but it can be extremely rewarding. And with this certificate, you’ll have the training you need to succeed.

There are many reasons to get certified in building and construction. These are just a few of the ways that certification can help you advance your career.

Get promoted

If you’re already working in the construction industry, becoming certified can help you get promoted to a higher position. With certification, you can show your employer that you have the skills and knowledge needed to take on more responsibility. These interpersonal skills will allow you to apply for managerial positions within construction companies (and there is high demand for construction managers in Australia). 

Thisqualification is for the people who are already in the construction business that may be looking to branch out on their own or reach the next level within the company that they work for. In some states, this qualification will allow you to take that managerial step and even apply for your own builder’s licence. Greater responsibility also means greater reward: expect a significant pay raise with your new job.

There are plenty of opportunities available to those who are certified in construction and building. If you're looking to advance your career, certification is a great way to do it. With certification, you can prove your skills and knowledge to potential employers, and you can also give yourself an edge over other job candidates.

You can get started on your path to a successful career in building and construction with Certificate IV in Building and Construction- CPC40120 using a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) certification.

How to get certified

You’ll need to demonstrate your prior skills and experience. If you’re just starting out, it's a good idea to start out in an entry-level position in your chosen field to get the experience you need. You can then continually improve your knowledge by learning from others, seeking new opportunities, and upskilling. Come back and see us for the certification once you’re five years in.

Find out if you have the necessary skills and experience for RPL certification with our 60-second skills check. Once you've completed the check, one of our agents will follow up with you to go through the next steps. We’re here to help you, help yourself.

Certificate IV in Building and Construction - CPC40120 is offered by Frontier Training and Technology RTO: 21244, HS Business School RTO: 32493, Construction Trades College RTO: 40250,​Career Skills Australia RTO: 45254, Australian Industrial Systems Institute RTO: 21916.

If building and construction has always been your dream industry, and you feel as though you’ve got the necessary requirements, let us help you. Get in touch with us today and let us start you on your RPL journey. Contact our team on 13 17 75.


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