Roundup of Skills Certified in the Community

In this blog, the team at Skills Certified Australia provide a roundup of our commitment and involvement in the community. ....

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15 August 2019

How to Land that Job

Gone are the days when you wrote a few sentences on a piece of paper and mailed it in with a smile on your face. With the world as ever chan....

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05 August 2019

Want to Know How to Systemise Your Trade Business?

Since the introduction of assembly lines back in the early 1900s, the streamlining and systemising of operations has become a necessity for ....

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31 July 2019

Could A Changing Climate Change How You Work?

When working in the trades industries, contending with the weather is always going to be an issue. It isn’t always as simple as puttin....

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08 July 2019

New Technology Revolutionising the Construction Industry in 2019

2019 has already brought with it so many new introductions to the trades industries, it can feel hard at times to keep up. Skills Certified ....

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27 June 2019

What to Expect at the 2019 Annual VELG Conference

Innovation is our way of life. With every passing year, new inventions, ideas and strategies take the place of inferior ones to make our liv....

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21 June 2019

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