Things That Drive Tradies Crazy

Everyone has irritations with their work, and tradespeople are no different. Skills Certified discuss a few of the more common pain points t....

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17 August 2018

Transportability and Transferability of Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Transferring qualifications that you’ve worked hard for nationally is a very valuable option and allows for individuals to work anywhe....

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17 August 2018

Managing the Skilled Workers Shortage in the Australian Mining Industry

The Australian mining industry is suffering huge job vacancies, making it ideal for skilled migrant workers looking for great incomes. We ex....

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06 August 2018

Making the Transition from Working Overseas

For those who have moved or planning on moving to Australia, finding work can be difficult. It is possible to use Recognition of Prior Learn....

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01 August 2018

Making the Transition from The Defence Force to The Workforce

For those who have found success in the Australian Defence Force, transitioning to civilian workforce may very well be the next step. Skills....

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30 July 2018

Recognising Australia’s most cashed up tradies

With rates for trades continuing to rise, Skills Certified take a look at a few of the trades that have had the largest growth in the 2018 f....

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19 July 2018

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