Plumbing & Drainage Trade Licence

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      Plumbing Licence Facts

      Most states and territories in Australia require plumbers to be registered and licenced in order to work on gasfitting, drainage or plumbing projects. Licensing is only granted when a person has shown sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that the tradesperson will maintain the integrity of fittings and fixtures used in the catchment, treatment and distribution of waste products, liquids and gases. Therefore, only licenced gas fitters and plumbers may work on these types of systems.
      While the rules vary by state and territory, most regulations require that a plumber is registered and licenced in order to perform any gasfitting, draining, and plumbing work. Most states and territories do share procedures, such as the nationally recognised qualification, which is either: Please contact your state’s licensing body for up to date information as requirements do change. Skills Certified Australia is not an RTO or licensing body.

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