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Are you ready to break into the construction industry, or hoping to polish your skills and experience to become more appealing to prospective employers? There are certain skills that can set you up for success in all aspects of the job.

The construction industry has experienced significant growth when it comes to workplace culture. A tradesman’s ability is now measured beyond just practical and theoretical abilities. It’s all-encompassing of skills and personal qualities that contribute to a safe, inclusive and positive work environment.

Apprenticeships and adequate training will ensure you’re equipped with the right practical skillset, however there are other elements worthy of focus if you’re serious about thriving in a construction career.

Let’s take a look at seven skills you need to land your next job.

Maths and Literacy Skills

As a tradesman, you’ll be required to have a sound ability in both maths and literacy. You’ll need to be able to read and understand documents and blueprints, calculate building materials and take measurements.  

Organisational Skills

Organisation and time management skills are very advantageous in construction. You should be competent in planning and prioritising tasks to ensure you’re making effective use of your time and sticking to the schedule set for each project.  


Teamwork goes a long way on a construction site and the success of a job is largely attributed to how well workers collaborate. Team members should be able to encourage and motivate each other to complete a project on time and with precision. Good communication goes a long way in a team, so it’s important to not only have a ‘team player’ approach, but to work on gaining confidence in your communication skills.

Technology Skills

Technology is a growing trend in construction and many companies are utilising new advancements. Familiarise yourself with augmented and virtual reality, drones, mobile apps and construction management systems. When applying for a job, find out if the company has adopted any new technology and develop some background knowledge before you begin.

Customer Service Skills

Working alongside your clients will be key in your success on the jobsite. You need to demonstrate patience, understanding and cooperation, whilst learning to deal with questions and complaints in a way that represents yourself and your company in a professional and respectful manner.

Physical Strength and Endurance

Construction is a highly physical job that requires a good level of strength and endurance. There’s no doubt your physical abilities will develop during your time at work, however it’s a good idea to do some activities outside of work hours that will help to maintain your fitness levels. Heavy lifting is a common part of day-to-day work and it’s also advisable to learn how to lift safely and with the correct posture.

Leadership and Coordination

If you’re just starting out in construction, set a goal to build your leadership skills over time. If you have years of experience in the industry, it could be time to step up as a leader. If you can develop your leadership skills and show proficiency in project coordination, you’ll have a promising career in the construction industry.

Whether you’re still completing your apprenticeship or you’re working to move up the ranks in your career; showcasing these skills will help to boost your performance and catch the attention of managers.

Lastly, always uphold a willingness to learn! The industry is constantly evolving and there will be new opportunities to advance in all stages of your career. If you’re interested in certifying the skills you’ve learnt in the workforce and you’d like to gain a formal qualification; get in touch with our team as you could be eligible for RPL.


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