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      How does the assessment process work?

      Our consultant will discuss the process with you and, once it has been determined that you are suitable, you will need to gather evidence to prove your competence. This can include:

      • video or photographic evidence of the different tasks performed on the job
      • providing answers to questions about your experience and skills
      • completing practical tasks to demonstrate your knowledge and skills
      • a resume, workplace documents, references and a job description as supporting evidence.

      The evidence you provide should confirm that you have worked in the industry for an appropriate amount of time, and that you can perform relevant tasks at an acceptable level.

      What if I don’t have proof of my previous qualifications?

      Contact the learning institution where you completed the studies. They should be able to provide you with a copy of your qualification. If that is not an option, you will have to discuss other ways in which you can demonstrate your competence with your consultant.

      What happens if my application for a qualification via RPL is unsuccessful?

      There is a pre-assessment process that is free of charge, and it takes place prior to enrolment. If you are not eligible for an RPL, it will be determined during the pre-assessment.

      Is Recognition of Prior Learning a complicated process?

      No, it is not complicated, and our consultants are on hand to provide you with the help and support you need in relation to:

      • understanding the process
      • explaining the costs of the RPL process
      • what is needed in terms of supporting documents
      • help completing forms
      • information on what you should do to apply for a building license
      Is there an option whereby I can simply demonstrate my skills, instead of having to locate older qualifications?
      Absolutely Old qualifications are supporting documents, but you can still demonstrate your aptitude without having to present qualifications.
      I'm a migrant and wish for my prior learning to be recognised in Australia. Is this possible?
      Yes! But if you need skills assessment to obtain a visa, first check with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to ensure that you apply for a skills assessment under the correct program for the visa you need.
      How long does it take to get a qualification?
      The process can be completed within a few weeks and depends on the amount of recognition required, and the amount of time it takes for you to gather all your evidence.
      Who is eligible to apply for a qualification via recognition of prior learning?
      Anyone with relevant prior learning can apply.
      Can I apply for RPL or training if I'm in Australia on a 457 Visa?
      Yes. Primary 457 Visa holders can apply for training and recognition.
      What do I do if I need help during the process?
      Your consultant will be available to discuss the process, or to advise you on gathering supporting documents or evidence.
      How much does the RPL cost?
      Costs depend on the qualification and payment option.
      Who can I contact with regards to information on RPL?
      Please call one of our consultants on 131 775.

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