The answers to all the finer details.

How does the assessment process work?

Is Recognition of Prior Learning a complicated process?

How long does it take to get a qualification?

What do I do if I need help during the process?

Can I use previous study as evidence?

What if I don’t have proof of my previous qualifications?

Is there an option whereby I can simply demonstrate my skills, instead of having to locate older qualifications?

Who is eligible to apply for a qualification via recognition of prior learning?

How much does the RPL cost?

Is it cheaper and easier to just enrol in the courses?

What happens if my application for a qualification via RPL is unsuccessful?

I'm a migrant and wish for my prior learning to be recognised in Australia. Is this possible?

Can I apply for RPL or training if I'm in Australia on a 457 Visa?

Who can I contact with regards to information on RPL?