About the Structural Landscaping Licence

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      In most states, a structural landscaper licence or registration are required before the individual undertakes any work. Being licenced brings many benefits to both the customer and the practitioner. As a practitioner, it allows you to legally practice your profession. However, it also makes you accountable for work provided to customers. Being a licensed structural landscaper can open up many employment opportunities.

      Each state has specific requirements regarding the qualifications you need to practice your trade.
      In most states, a nationally recognised qualification from a registered training organisation (RTO) or an equivalent qualification will be sufficient. Common qualifications for the structural landscaping licence include:

      Highly experienced individuals who do not have the above qualifications from TAFE, RTOs, or schools, may consider a structural landscaping apprenticeship under a licensed building contractor, or obtain the qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
      RPL takes into account your existing skills and experience to help save time, effort and money, while fast tracking your qualification process. It is ideal for individuals who are already working in the industries.

      Please contact your state’s licensing body for up to date information as requirements do change. Skills Certified Australia is not an RTO or licensing body.

      A builder’s licence isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s a mark of competence and professionalism. Holding a valid builder’s licence demonstrates your commitment to quality, safety, and adhering to industry standards. This commitment is highly regarded by both clients and employers.

      Whether you’re a building professional or looking to join the construction industry, acquiring a builder’s licence is a pivotal step. It unlocks new opportunities and enables you to take on more significant projects, thereby advancing your career in the construction sector.

        Elevate your career with RPL

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