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A builder’s licence is an important part of becoming a successful builder in Queensland. The application process for individuals and companies is simple, however it does vary from state to state in Australia. It’s important to become familiar with the process in the state or territory you work in before making a start.

The following guide outlines how to get a builder’s licence in QLD. If you’re planning to start your own business, this article will guide you through the first steps to making it happen.

QLD Builder’s Licence

A building licence is required to do any building work in QLD, where the total value of work is $3,300 or more. The value of work is defined as the reasonable cost of work carried out, including materials, labour and GST.

If you plan to complete work that involves the following, you’ll need to first acquire a builder’s licence.

  • Drainage
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Gas fitting
  • Termite Management - Chemical
  • Low rise, medium rise and open building design
  • Site classification
  • Mechanical services
  • Fire protection
  • Building work that involves hydraulic services design and total more than $1,100.

QLD licences are classed under three categories, each with subcategories:

Builder Low Rise - contractor and nominee supervisor licences and site supervisor licence

Builder Medium Rise - contractor and nominee supervisor licences and site supervisor licence

Builder Open - Builder—open contractor and nominee supervisor licences, Builder—project management services contractor and nominee supervisor licences and Builder—open site supervisor licence


In order to qualify for a builder’s licence in QLD, you must provide evidence of practical experience and formal qualifications.


To qualify for a licence you must have completed a minimum of 2 years experience in the licence class scope of work, over the last 10 years. This experience needs to be paid, whether as an employee or sub-contractor. The work you’ve carried out should prove that you’ve undertaken building work and/or your coordination and onsite supervision of contractors.

Formal Qualifications

In addition to your 2 years of experience, you’ll need to gain a minimum requirement of a Certificate IV in Building and Construction - CPC40120(offered by Frontier Training and Technology RTO: 21244, HS Business School RTO: 32493, Construction Trades College RTO: 40250,​Career Skills Australia RTO: 45254, Australian Industrial Systems Institute RTO: 21916), depending on your required licence.

Getting your qualification

If you’ve completed the work experience, but still need to get the formal qualification required to apply for your licence, you may be suitable for an RPL assessment. The RPL process assesses your relevant practical skills and experience against the core units of the qualification you’re seeking. An RPL assessment can save you time and money and will help you to avoid any repetitive study.

Applying for your licence

Your QLD builder’s licence application needs to include the following:

  • Completed relevant application form (either a Builders Licence Application Form or Building and Designer Experience Form)
  • Completed Referee Report
  • Details of your experience along with any supporting documents
  • Technical qualification documents
  • Written references including confirmation of your supervised experience
  • Proof you meet the financial requirements
  • A copy of your driver’s licence or passport
  • A copy of your Record of Registration from ASIC (if contracting under a trading name)
  • Proof of business partnership (if contracting under a partnership)

To lodge your application, you’ll need to send all completed application forms, supporting documents and the application fee to QBCC, or submit your application in person at your local QBCC office.

The fee will be determined by your revenue. You can review the fees on the licence application form.

Once your application has been processed, you’ll receive a letter with your builder’s licence number and the scope of work that applies to your licence class.

Becoming a business owner in the building and construction industry will set you up for a rewarding and prosperous career. Getting a builder’s licence is a key step in the process, but there are several other steps you’ll need to take when transitioning from apprentice to business owner. You can learn more about what you need to do here.

Our team is happy to help you with your application. If you have any questions, or you’d like to find out more about the RPL process, contact us today. Call us on 131775 or send an email with your enquiry to [email protected] and start your journey to becoming a licensed builder and business owner.


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