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You’ve done the hard yards and worked for years to gain the skills and experience to excel in your trade. However, there’s one final piece to the puzzle that’s required before you can dive into your career and polish your skill set.

It’s time to get certified!

Although your job is hands-on and largely requires you on the job site; it’s important to complete your apprenticeship by achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

What are the benefits of getting certified? We’ve highlighted the top 4 reasons below.

1. Job security

No matter the trade you’re in, you can almost guarantee that your job is in high demand in Australia. Job security has become a serious concern for many Australians, especially in the last two years, so it makes sense to do everything in your power to guarantee a spot in the workforce.

It’s likely that job security was a propelling force in your decision to start a trade. A formal qualification will solidify that security, and ensure you not only land the jobs you deserve, but are able to reach your full potential in confidence.

2. Increases your earning potential

You’ll be able to earn more money with a trade, especially when it comes to industries like construction. The earning potential is significant if you can work your way up the ranks into a project management role. Alternatively, if you decide to become licenced in your trade and start your own business, you could be setting yourself up for a profitable future. However, the dollar signs will only start to appear once you’re certified. You can learn about other ways to boost your earning potential here.

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3. Helps you attain a licence

Depending on your state, in order to obtain a licence to work in your state you many need to have certain qualifications.

For instance, in some states, if you’re completing a trade in building and construction, and are hoping to obtain a builder’s contracting licence, it’s recommended that you first complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) - CPC40110 offered by Auss-One Training & Education (RTO: 22477), Frontier Training and Technology (RTO: 21244), Australian Training College of Construction (RTO: 41510), HS Business School (RTO: 32493), Construction Trades College (RTO: 40250) and ​Career Skills Australia (RTO: 45254).

A qualification will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to successfully obtain a licence.

4. Enables you to get insurance

A trades licence is also required if you’re seeking public liability insurance. Insurance is crucial, not only for your wellbeing, but for the success of your business. Customers are less likely to hire tradesmen who aren’t insured, as the liability is then passed on to them. Most customers won’t take that risk, and your job opportunities will therefore be limited if you choose to work uninsured. Licencing and insurance are also a big green tick if you’re applying for jobs, and will showcase your work ethic and commitment to your trade.

Are you ready to become a certified tradie? If you’re currently completing a trade apprenticeship, you could qualify for RPL. Take our free 60 second skills check and you could be on your way to achieving your formal qualification.

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