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If you work in construction and are dreaming of a secure future with, let’s be honest, plenty of disposable income you’ll need to know where the top paying jobs are. When it comes to construction the salary gap is wide. From apprentices to project managers there can be hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in the average salary.

While money doesn’t buy happiness, there’s no point denying it’s still a huge motivator for the majority of us. We’ve pulled together the top paying construction jobs according to Hays ANZ 2021 Salary Guide. So, if you’re an ambitious worker in the construction industry, or you’re thinking of making a career change into a higher paying field, these are the top jobs to aim for.

#1 Construction Manager

Salary Range: $140,000 - $300,000 +

Average Salary: $200,000

Construction Managers are specialised project managers with detailed working knowledge of all trades. They work onsite and manage day-to-day operations of the construction site and are responsible for personnel management and supplier coordination.

Key tasks include coordinating resources, delivery of materials and procurement, interpreting specifications and architectural drawings, and negotiating with subcontractors and developers to ensure all work is completed on time and within budget.

#2 Project Manager

Salary Range: $100,000 - $255,000

As a Project Manager you’re responsible for planning projects and making sure everything runs smoothly and on time. Project Managers run are across all aspects of the project from site selection to budget management to sales.

Key skills you’ll need as a project manager include excellent time management, organisational skills, people management, problem solving, critical thinking and budget management. Project Managers from other industries frequently make the move into construction in pursuit of higher salary ranges. Want to work towards the top dollar? Check out the RPL options available for Project Management.

#3 Senior Construction Estimator

Salary Range: $90,000 - $255,000

Average: $130,000

Construction Estimators are tasked with accurately estimating the total cost of a project. It’s a vital and important role in construction and requires exceptional attention to detail.

You’ll need to be efficient in financial software and have excellent communication and stakeholder management. Key tasks include preparing budgets, auditing projects and negotiating prices and rates with subcontractors and suppliers.

#4 Design Manager

Salary Range: $80,000 - $190,000

Average: $160,000

Construction design managers bring together and coordinate all the various design work in a construction project. This includes technical drawings and plans and bringing together structural and service engineers, technicians and specialist designers.

This role requires significant technical skill and while it’s possible to get there without formal qualification it is generally expected that you’ll be certified.

#5 Foreperson

Salary Range: $87,000 - $163,000

Average: $130,000

As a foreperson you’ll work closely with the construction manager to manage personnel activities on site. The foreperson is generally responsible for assigning daily duties, the recruitment and training of staff as needed and supervising and managing materials, tools and equipment.

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