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Working in construction but not quite getting ahead? Maybe you’re making moves to buy a home, go on a holiday or just want some extra cash to splash on the weekend. If you’re in the market for more money, you’re not alone. In fact, you would probably be hard pressed to find someone who does not want to increase their salary. But wanting to increase your earning potential and actually doing it are two different things.

Here are 6 actions you can take to increase your earning potential in construction and start to fast track your financial goals.

1. Get familiar with new technology

Every industry is shaped by technology, and construction is no exception. Every year, or even month, brings with it technological advancements that opensupnew jobs for those who know how to use them.

Keep up to date with the newest technology in your field and be proactive in learning how to use it. You’ll be surprised how often landing a job with a higher salary comes down to having experience and competency in the latest technology.

2. Upskill in project and construction management

We recently did a rundown of the top 5 paying jobs in construction in 2021, and project and construction management were the top two. Clearly you can’t just jump into one of these roles, but you can certainly upskill with afterhours courses or on the job training. Which takes us to the next point.

(If you’re already skilled in project management, take particular note of action 6: get certified!)

3. Request performance reviews and a salary progression plan

This will definitely depend on your employer, BUT it’s in the best interest of your employer to invest in your development. Why? It usually costs more to recruit and train a new person than it does to provide training and development to existing employees. With this in mind be proactive in working with your employer to establish performance reviews and a salary progression or professional development plan.

Be honest with your goals and remember that an employer will pay you more only when you’re providing value back to the business. So, there are no cheap tricks here. Be honest, work hard and advocate for your own development and pay rise.

4. Take on jobs with more responsibility

If you’re competent and comfortable managing a crew, look out for opportunities for roles that have direct reports. Even if you’re not looking to change employers you can express your interest in taking on more responsibility through team leadership in your current role.

Other areas of responsibility that often attract higher salary are roles with compliance, risk and safety management.

5. Find jobs in growing markets with skills shortages

Within the construction industry there are different markets that each have slightly different median salaries, depending on skill demand and supply. While the residential construction market is still recovering, commercial and civil construction is going strong, particularly in infrastructure. This means there are much more opportunities to set yourself up in an industry that has money to invest in your development, and your salary.

6. Get your current skills certified with RPL

If a lack of certification is holding you back from that next job or pay rise, think about trying RPL. You can learn all about How our RPL process works here . Basically instead of doing extra study, you can use your existing skills, knowledge and experience to get certified through our partner RTO’s.

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