Core Competencies

Great salespeople possess certain attitudes and core competencies that enable them to guide a potential lead through the marketing and sales process. During our sales training courses, we address the following core competencies:

Developing a Sales Strategy

Developing a strategy ensures that the salesperson:

  • understands the needs of the target audience
  • positions products for optimum results
  • finds or creates new opportunities

Establishing Contact

Effectively establishing contact means that the salesperson can:

  • take initiative in building new relationships
  • proactively contact new prospects
  • build a rapport with prospects

Delivering Solutions

Delivering solutions means that the salesperson:

  • listens and aims to understand customers' needs
  • provides innovative solutions


Effective presentations are delivered:

  • with confidence
  • in a relaxed and engaging manner

Closing Sales

Effective closing means that the salesperson:

  • can handle objections
  • understands customers' time-frames 
  • can obtain timely decisions
  • is an effective negotiator
  • knows how to close a sale

Satisfying Customers

A salesperson who is competent in customer satisfaction, will:

  • be able to relate to customers
  • go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction
  • deliver seamless after sales service

Relationship Management & Growth

A successful salesperson will be able to:

  • maintain relationships with both clients and the team
  • be commercially aware regarding the relationship
  • identify and build business opportunities

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