With the industry experiencing sustained growth, there’s never been a better time to solidify your standing and push your career to new heights. Skills Certified Australia is here to help. With Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you can turn what you’ve learned on the job into official qualifications.

1. Laying the Foundation

Recognising Your Hard Work

Every day, you work with concrete to build solid and lasting structures. Your skills in mixing, pouring, and finishing are valuable. RPL sees the worth in your hard work and helps turn your experience into qualifications.

Why Certifications Matter

In the construction sector, being certified is more than just accolades. It’s the key to unlocking your career possibilities. Formal qualifications are your passport to higher pay, faster career progression, and the freedom to delve into contracting or managerial roles. Getting new qualifications usually takes a lot of time and money. RPL changes this by valuing your on-the-job learning and turning it into nationally recognised qualifications through our partner RTOs.

The RPL Process for Concreters

RPL might sound complex, but it’s actually pretty straightforward, especially with Skills Certified in your corner. Our process helps you prove your expertise and get ahead in your career. We’ll start by understanding your career goals and then help you gather evidence of your existing expertise, such as references, informal training and examples of your work. We’ll then match your on-the-job experience against the requirements for formal qualifications. If you need to beef up your skills to satisfy the criteria to achieve the certification you deserve, we’ll help you choose the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO) from our trusted partners.

2. Building Your Career Structure

Planning Your Career Trajectory

Where do you see your concreting career going? Maybe you want to lead a team or specialise in a certain type of project. Setting clear goals is important. And getting the right certifications is a big part of achieving them. Skills Certified can show you which qualifications can help you reach your goals faster. For example, we can help you turn your concreting experience into a recognised Certificate III in Concreting – CPC30320 awarded by Construction Trades College (RTO: 40250) ¾ a valuable asset if you’re looking to advance your career, comply with legal requirements, increase your credibility with clients, and gain access to a broader range of job opportunities.

Cementing Your Skills with Certifications

The concreting world is constantly changing. To keep up and move ahead, you need to keep learning. We’ll help you find courses through our trusted partner RTOs that match what you want to do. These courses can make you more professional and open up new chances for you to realise your goals.

3. Finishing with Excellence

Using Your Qualifications

Your new qualifications can open many doors. You could work on bigger projects, earn more, or become a supervisor. You might also explore new areas like eco-friendly building. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion, considering a career shift, or simply seeking validation for your years of hard work, RPL can be your ladder to success. By formalising your skills, RPL helps you to clearly define and achieve your career goals, providing a solid foundation for continuous learning and advancement in the concreting sector. And Skills Certified will support you every step of the way.