As we get to the business end of 2024, it’s time to harness these experiences, transforming them into recognised qualifications that can propel your career to new heights.

Skills Certified is here to guide you through this transformative process, turning your hard-earned expertise into formal recognitions that open doors to advanced opportunities and greater success in your trade.

The Foundations of Your Craft

  • Turn your painting experience into recognised qualifications that advance your career.
  • Discover how RPL with Skills Certified can open up new opportunities for you in the painting industry.
  • Navigate the journey from experienced painter to certified professional with our guide.

1. Valuing Your Experience in the Trade

Practical knowledge and hands-on experience are invaluable in the painting industry. Whether it’s understanding the subtleties of paint application or managing the complexities of large-scale commercial projects, your on-the-job learning is your most significant asset.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges this by evaluating your real-world experience and converting it into nationally recognised qualifications.

2. The RPL Process for Painters

RPL bridges the gap between informal learning and formal certification. With the help of our Partner RTOs, Skills Certified specialises in simplifying this process for painters. By documenting your experiences and matching them against the criteria of recognised qualifications, RPL validates your expertise, making it visible and valuable to employers and clients alike.

Preparing Your Canvas

3. Charting Your Career

Where do you see your painting career going? Whether you aim to lead a team, run your own business, or specialise in high-end work, setting clear career objectives is crucial.

Strategic planning plays a key role in realising these goals. We can help you identify the qualifications that will make your aspirations achievable then match you with the perfect RTO from our list of trusted partners to get you on your way.

4. Advancing Your Skills through Certification

The painting industry is evolving, with new techniques, materials, and regulations continually emerging. Staying ahead means not just relying on your current knowledge but expanding it.

Through RPL and further training via our partner RTOs, you can gain certifications that acknowledge your expertise and open doors to new opportunities. Skills Certified offers guidance in selecting qualifications that enhance your professional standing and marketability.

Mastering the Art of Trade

5. Applying Your Qualifications

Armed with recognised qualifications, you’re well-placed to elevate your career. This could mean winning more significant contracts, commanding higher rates, or stepping into roles that were previously beyond reach.

Specialising in areas like eco-friendly materials or heritage restoration can also distinguish you in the market. We’ll support you to leverage these qualifications through our partner RTOs to achieve your career objectives, ensuring your path to success is as brilliant and impactful as the work you do.

As we look to 2024, remember that your career is a canvas only you can paint. With Skills Certified and RPL, you have the tools to create a masterpiece of success. Embrace the opportunity to validate your experience and watch as new horizons in the painting trade unfold before you.