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While a career in plumbing may not be the most glamorous, it can be very rewarding. Plumbers are in high demand and skilled plumbers can command good salaries. If you're thinking of a career in plumbing, here's what you need to know.

In most states and territories, you will need to have a nationally recognisedplumbing licence to work as a plumber. In these states, to get your licence, you’ll need to get qualified by either completing a Certificate III in Plumbing -CPC32420.

Once you have received your qualification, you will then need to register with the state or territory authority you plan to work in. After you have registered and obtained your licence, you can start looking for work as a qualified plumber. There are many different types of plumbing jobs available, from working in residential properties to commercial and industrial settings. Skilled plumbers are almost always in high demand, so is an abundance of work opportunities throughout Australia.

Advance your career with a Certificate III Plumbing - CPC32420

To become a fully qualified plumber you need to complete the Certificate III in Plumbing - CPC32420 awarded by Career Skills Australia (RTO: 45254). This nationally recognised training program will give you the skills and knowledge for a career in the plumbing industry. 

This course includes:

  • installing and maintaining domestic water systems
  • working with sewerage systems
  • gasfitting
  • roofing and guttering
  • estimating and job costing.

Upon completion of the course, you will then be eligible to apply for your plumbing license.

Get skills recognition through RPL

If you have existing skills and experience in plumbing, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). RPL is a process that assesses your skills and knowledge against the requirements of a qualification.  The Certificate III in Plumbing - CPC32420 is open to plumbers who have at least 5 years of related local experience.

If you are successful in obtaining RPL, you will be awarded the relevant qualification without having to complete any further study. This can save you a lot of time and money, meaning you to get started in your new career sooner.

Skills Certified Australia can help you with the RPL process. Our experienced team can provide you with expert guidance and support.

Take our 60 second skills test now to find out if you're suitable for RPL. We'll discussyour skills and knowledge against the requirements of the qualification, and let you know if you're eligible to apply for RPL. Get started today!


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