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With the demand for plumbers in Australia constantly on the rise, applying for a plumbing license is a great move. A plumbing license and registration is required to perform plumbing jobs, such as plumbing, draining and gas fitting, in all Australian states.

In this blog, Skills Certified demonstrate why plumbing licenses are needed, and some of the ways in which a plumbing license can be attained.


Why is a plumbing license required?

Although plumbing might seem like straightforward work on the surface, there are many measures that must be introduced for safety. Licenses protect the safety and health of people by maintaining the quality of the water supply, enforcing strict building standards, and ensuring the integrity of fixtures and fittings installed in a property. These licenses play an important part in all elements of the distribution and treatment of liquids, gases and waste products across our cities.


How do I apply for a plumbing licence?

There is no consistent application process for plumbing licenses across Australia states, although the application process is similar in many ways. Nationally recognised qualifications for plumbers are achieved by completing a Certificate III in Plumbing (BCP30103, CPC32408, CPC32411, CPC32412, or CPC32413 depending on state, including the sanitary stream) or a plumbing apprenticeship.

Plumbers who may already have the skills and experience but lack a certificate are able to get these skills recognised and credited through recognition of prior learning, or RPL. The RPL has the potential to make obtaining a license a much speedier process and can help ensure you don’t have to become qualified for skills you already have.

To find out what qualifications are required in your state, make sure to visit the website of the relevant trade authority for a detailed list. The Mutual Recognition Act also conveniently allows plumbers from interstate or New Zealand to apply for a similar license in another state.


Ready to get your own plumbing license?

Obtaining your plumbing license through recognition of prior learning is made simple with Skills Certified. Try out our 60 second free skills check to help us better understand your past work experience and you can be well on your way to achieving your plumbing certification. Better yet, Skills Certified have an end of financial year sale to save you up to 20% off RPL – to find out more about our sale, or if you have any general questions, get in touch with the Skills Certified team today.

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