As we launch into 2022, there are several industries that look set to thrive. If you’re preparing for a career change in the new year, the following industries will present increased opportunities, and could be the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a fulfilling long term career.

Healthcare and Community Services

According to the Australian Government, healthcare and social assistance is predicted to make the biggest contribution to employment growth in Australia between 2020-2025.

As our population continues to grow and age simultaneously; skilled workers in health, aged care and youth services will be increasingly in demand. The workforce will increase by 249,500 by 2025, making it a promising industry for growth and career progression.

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Australians are on the move and you know what that means- more houses, apartments and infrastructure to support the evolving lifestyles of our communities. Building and construction is a promising industry to be a part of and if you’re passionate in the field, you have an exciting career ahead in Australia.

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Technical Services & Software Development

As the digital world grows, so is the demand for supporting services and software. Skills that can be used across websites and apps, as well as artificial intelligence, will be valued highly by employers in 2022. Jobs that offer information and communications technology (ICT) support and development look to be in high demand not only in 2022, but well into the future.

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Accommodation and Food Services

The Accommodation and Food Services sector is projected to increase by 139,900 by 2025. As the industry gets back on its feet, business will increase and job vacancies will rise in all areas.

Despite a challenging few years in Australia, the Tourism and Hospitality industry is still a sector that’s set for high growth in the coming years.

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