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Are you a manager or a leader? They’re both crucial roles in the workplace, however they are very different. Management is often associated with tasks, projects and processes; whereas leadership refers to leading people and teams toward a vision. While you can successfully be both a manager and a leader; it’s important to acknowledge the differences between the two.

What makes you an efficient manager or a strong leader? While both drive excellence to achieve results; they do vary quite significantly. Management positions are usually identified in a job title; whereas leaders often impact and influence others regardless of their respective position within a company.

Understanding the strengths of each role will help you to develop skills and learn how you can support your team as both a manager and a leader.

Strong leadership qualities

Effective leaders are skilled in guiding employees down the path to success. Leaders are often inspirational, lead by example and have their sights set on the big picture.

Leadership qualities include:

Mentorship: Strong leaders become professional mentors to those they’re guiding. Mentors help others to grow, set goals and reach their full potential.

Motivation: Leaders will maintain a high level of motivation under every circumstance. When the team faces challenges, a good leader is always present to shift the energy and encourage the group to achieve what they set out to do.

Risk taking: Change and progression in a workplace happen when leaders take risks. Strong leaders know when to take them and also support their team in taking risks to achieve positive outcomes.

Innovation: Creativity and innovation are key in a leadership role. Leaders will not only produce creative ideas and solutions; but they’ll also encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking within their team.

Strong management qualities

Effective management achieves results through the work of other people. Managers provide direction for a team and are responsible for identifying and executing the steps required to achieve overarching goals. Managers are focused, resourceful and strategic in their approach.

Management qualities include:

Delegation: Managers are skilled in recognising who in their team is the best person to get the job done. They are responsible for delegating tasks to achieve the most favourable outcome for every project.

Constructive feedback: Dedicated managers will provide ongoing constructive feedback to each of their team members. This promotes growth and development, and shows support in helping individuals build their skillset.

Planning: Organisation and time management are qualities of a strong manager. They support the team in planning and prioritising to ensure projects are completed thoroughly and on time.

Problem solving: No matter how big the problem is, a good manager will always find a solution. Rather than a simple quick fix, managers should investigate the root cause of the problem to determine the best solution.

Where do leadership and management meet?

Whether you’re a manager or a leader; you will certainly have at least one thing in common - you want to achieve success for the wider business. Both managers and leaders should be strong communicators, invested in the growth of their team and committed to providing support in all instances.

Do you want to move into a management position?

If you’re serious about becoming an asset to both your team and company as a whole; consider leadership and management qualifications that can boost your credibility. A Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB50420awarded by Skills Recognition International (RTO: 32373) or Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - BSB42015 awarded by Asset Training (RTO: 31718) could be highly beneficial for your career.

Already in a management position but dedicated to ongoing improvement? Learn more about developing your skills as a manager and leader here.

If you’re interested in having your skills certified, or you’re unsure which qualification is best for you; get in touch with our team today and chat to a Skills Certified Australia Consultant.


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