Licences You May Need for Your Construction Business in South Australia

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      The process for obtaining a building licence in South Australia involves fulfilling the experience requirements, undergoing a National Police Check, demonstrating sufficient financial resources, and ensuring no disqualification from practising a trade or occupation in Australia.

      Yes, in South Australia, builder licences are categorised as Contractor licence and Supervisor licence. Within these categories, you can choose your specific building and construction specialty. Can you provide more details about the different types of builder licences in South Australia?

      Depending on the trade, you may need a separate licence for each trade you work in. Some trades, such as plumbing, gas fitting, and electrical work, may require their own specific licences in addition to the overall builder's licence. Can you explain the licensing requirements for different trades in South Australia?

      Yes, you have the option to limit your building licence to specific types of work. For example, you can restrict your licence to activities like aluminium window and door installation.

      Yes, when applying for a building licence in South Australia, you must demonstrate possession of sufficient financial resources. The specific financial requirements depend on the licence type and can range from $10,000 to $100,000 in net assets.

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