Tasmania Builders License: Requirements and Licensing Process

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      Tasmania offers builder accreditation in four categories: Builder, Construction Manager, Fire Protection Services Builder, and Demolisher. Each category has three classes: Low rise, Medium rise, and Open.

      The qualifications required depend on the class of licence. For Low rise builders, a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is necessary. Medium rise builders need a Diploma in Building and Construction (Building), while Open builders must possess an Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction Management or a Degree in Building.

      The required experience varies based on whether you have a building trade qualification. For example, Low rise builders need 2 years of experience with a building trade qualification or 4 years without one. Medium rise builders require the same experience criteria.

      To apply for a building services provider licence, you must choose the appropriate licence type based on the work you intend to do, such as builder, architect, engineer, or building designer. After applying online, you need to visit a service centre to provide proof of identity and have a photo taken for your licence.

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