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If you’ve been thinking about getting your skills certified with Recognition of Prior Learning, but have been intimidated by the process.we get it. It can be overwhelming to think of all the admin, hoop jumping and time-consuming paperwork that can come with certification.

Unfortunately, there are some pretty tedious components of RPL (and every type of education) that are unavoidable. What is avoidable however, is having to navigate it all yourself or hold yourself back because you don’t have the time/energy/language or comprehension skills to manage it yourself.

Why? Because we have a fully trained, dedicated team of facilitators who go above and beyond to make your life easier, so everyone has the chance to get certified and reach their goals.

So, let us tell you about our amazing team of SCA facilitators.

What does a Skills Certified Australia Facilitator do?

They do many great things, but their main role is to support our clients (that’s you) through the full RPL process from start to finish. Before starting RPL many clients don’t realise they’ll have ongoing support and direct contact with one of our facilitators. It’s a game changer for those who find it challenging to navigate the information and RPL requirements, have English as a second language or are juggling many responsibilities and feel overwhelmed.

They also just make the process way easier for everyone in general. Here’s how:

1. They know the process and how RTO’s work

We truly understand this can be a confusing process, because we do it all day, everyday. Our facilitators undergo extensive training and education in RPL so they know A LOT about it. One of the main areas their knowledge will help you is understanding how Registered Training Organisations (RTO)’s work.

Here at SCA we don’t issue the certificates. Instead, we support you to complete your certificate using recognition of prior learning through one of our partner RTO’s. This is a HUGE benefit for you, because all of the quirks, challenges, requirements and roadblocks you would normally encounter in the process are already known by our facilitators.

They help you figure out what to use as evidence

A big part of the process is gathering the right evidence to satisfy the certificate’s learning requirements. You can read about the RPL process here for more information on how it works, or see what types of evidence you can use here.

Your facilitator will go through this process with you. They’ll go through the certificate’s unit requirements and talk to the types of evidence you can use, and together you’ll do a top-level audit of what evidence you already have and what you need to gather.

Trust us when we say this is a HUGE time and sanity saver!

They’ll guide you on how to present the evidence and can give you feedback before submission

Once you’ve got your evidence together our facilitators will go through it with you to make sure you’ve got the best chance at meeting the requirements as possible. They can also help advise you on how best to present the evidence to your RTO’s to make the certification process as efficient as possible.

And when the process is over and you’ve got your certificate - they’ll share your joy! Our facilitators are constantly saying that supporting our clients to reach their goals is the best part of their job. Your success is our success and we’re on the journey with you!

To get started or learn more about the RPL process talk to our team today.

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