They certify your skills and experience and give you a level of credibility that only a formal qualification can provide.

Expanding your experience in the industry can create a number of opportunities, including higher earning potential, career growth or the ability to one day branch out and start your own business.

We’ve listed the top certifications offered by our partner RTOs, suitable for individuals working in the building and construction industry who are looking to reach their full potential.


Certificate I in Construction – CPC10111


Offered by Building Trades Australia (RTO: 30979), Career Skills Australia (RTO: 45254) and All States Training (RTO: 32577).

If you’re just starting out in your construction career, get on the front foot with this introductory qualification. A Certificate I will give you accreditation for your knowledge regarding workplace expectations, culture, job roles and the industry as a whole. If you see a future for yourself in construction, we highly recommend this qualification as a great starting point and pathway for further learning and development.


Certificate III in Carpentry – CPC30211


Offered by Frontier Training and Technology (RTO: 21244), Construction Training College (RTO: 32512), Noble Training (RTO: 41488),  Construction Trades College (RTO: 40250) and ​Career Skills Australia (RTO: 45254).

This Certificate III gives skilled, unqualified carpenters the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification that can assist with applying for a Carpentry Contractors Licence. By completing a Certificate III in Carpentry – CPC30211, you’ll not only achieve a carpentry trade qualification, but will also establish a pathway for continued study and development in the industry.


Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety – BSB41419


Offered by Success Resources International (RTO: 31335) and All States Training (RTO: 32577).

If you work in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) position in your organisation, or you have a passion for establishing safe and efficient workplaces, this Certificate IV will be beneficial to your development. This qualification certifies your ability to guide and provide leadership to team mates.

The safety aspect of the construction industry is incredibly important, and individuals with qualifications in risk and incident management are highly regarded by employers.


Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) – CPC50210


Offered by Frontier Training and Technology (RTO: 21244), HS Business School (RTO: 32493) and Construction Trades College (RTO: 40250).

If you have experience working in building and construction and your sights are set on a career down the building path, this qualification will be highly beneficial. It can certify you as a building contractor, or give you the opportunity to work as a supervisor.

Depending on the state or territory you live and work in, this Diploma could also enable you to apply for a builder’s licence.


Diploma of Project Management – BSB50820


Offered by Skills Recognition International (RTO: 32373), Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718) and HS Business School (RTO: 32493).

If you have a high level of work experience in the building and construction industry and have an interest in the managerial and technical side of the job, your career path could be heading towards a project management position. This Diploma allows you to plan, execute and evaluate the performance of your teams, and can provide the level of qualification needed to take on a role as a Project Management Facilitator, Project or Program Administrator or Project Leader.

In addition to skills, work experience and formal qualifications, there are a number of personal qualities that contribute to an individual’s success in the industry. You can learn more about the construction skills you need to land a job here.

How can RPL help?

If you’ve already gained skills and experience in the workforce through years on the job; you could be eligible for an RPL assessment when it comes time to get your qualification. RPL assesses your competency against the course units for the relevant qualification.

Want to find out if you’re eligible? Take our FREE 60 second skills check to find out. Alternatively, get in touch with a team member at Skills Certified Australia to discuss your goals and find the right qualification for you.