Tips for Finding the Career You’re Most Passionate About

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      There is often a divide between your hobby and professional life, however you can take a different approach with your hobby if your goal is to turn it into your career. Speak to people in your network and ask them about the pathway they took, think about whether you need to upskill or study, and set long and short term goals.

      Recognition of Prior Learning can help to recognise the skills and experience you have that aren’t directly linked to your trade. By certifying these skills, you could simplify your transition into a new role.

      If you’re passionate about your current career, but feel as though there’s room for improvement, you can implement a few measures to boost your output. Ask for feedback from your manager, set goals, study and learn more about your industry, or seek out a professional mentor.

      When your current job becomes your comfort zone, it can be hard to recognise when a career change is needed. If your work performance is lacking, you’re no longer learning new things, you can’t see a future beyond your current role or the thought of a new job excites you; consider making a change. If there’s a certain career you can’t get off your mind, it’s time to take the necessary steps to transition into that career.

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