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Do you wake up on Monday morning absolutely dreading your day ahead? Does your current industry make you want to pull your hair out? Or maybe you’ve learned all there is to learn in your role and you’re ready for a new challenge?

No matter what your reason is, wanting to make a career change is a common space to be in. And as much as it can be an exciting and inspiring time - it can also be pretty daunting to say the least!

This is where Recognition of Prior Learning can help. While it’s not an instant career fix - it’s a cost-effective way to support you on your career change journey. Here’s how:

Get complimentary skills certified

RPL in itself is an excellent option for those who are looking for formal qualifications but can’t afford the time or money that studying requires. For those looking at a career change, RPL has the added bonus of recognising the skills and experience you might have that aren’t directly related to your immediate trade.

For example, if you’re a tradie who has been managing sites and building projects, this experience and the skills you’ve acquired could help you secure a certification, and career transition into project management.

Start thinking about where you want to go

With the ability to get skills certified, start thinking about what experience and skills you’ll need in your chosen career path. The most efficient way to use RPL is to make a step by step plan of how you can move into your dream position, keeping in mind that it might take a few different roles before you get there.

Once you know where you’re going, you can start researching the skills, experience and certifications you’ll need to make your first step into a new role or industry.

Find ways to learn new skills and experience in your current role

When you know what you’ll need to start a transition, talk to your employers about taking on new responsibilities. Where possible, offer yourself for tasks or projects that align with the certification/s you need for your next role. By being strategic about the skills you acquire you can build the experience you need to get qualified with RPL without extra study.

Talk to an RPL Facilitator to start the certification process

When you have a clear idea of where you’re going, what you need and you’re actively getting the experience and skills you need it’s time to talk to Skills Certified Australia. Our RPL facilitators will walk you through the evidence you need to collect to be eligible for RPL certification and can help you make a plan and get the process started.

Ready to start your career change? Explore the wide range of RPL certificates available or speak with our team today.

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