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Strong careers aren’t built completely out of luck. They’re built from savvy workers looking ahead to see what their industry needs and what trends are driving industry evolution. To keep you in the loop and up to date on what’s going on in the construction industry we’ve pulled together 5 top trends you should keep an eye on to help develop your career. Whether you’re looking to make a role change, get a promotion, make your business more competitive or maintain an edge with a modern skill set, these trends are ones to watch!

1. Green Building

As climate change continues to dominate the global conversation, the growth of Green and Sustainable building is exploding. Far from being a niche market, green building has become an expected element of almost all new construction projects. From sustainable materials to low carbon footprint construction, green building is here to stay. If you’re in the construction industry consider looking for opportunities to work on green building projects to develop your skillset and get out in front of this booming sector.

2. Construction Management Software

There is not a single industry that escapes technological evolution and the construction industry is no exception. This year construction management software is set to continue disrupting, redesigning and improving project management and construction workflows. Technical software proficiency is gradually becoming a prerequisite for management and senior roles in construction across the board. To make sure you remain competitive look for roles and opportunities to master construction management software and/or introduce it into your workplace to improve your performance and appeal as a future candidate for jobs.

3. Safety

The COVID-19 Pandemic shone a big spotlight on workplace health and safety in 2020. As we move deeper into 2021 it’s becoming more apparent the intensified safety audits, processes, training, monitoring and reporting is here to stay. Whether you’re aiming to move into management, looking for a role change or simply want to develop your skillset Workplace Health and Safety certifications and training is a must.

4. Remote technology

Remote technology is fast becoming a key driver in the development of construction best practice. These days you’ll be hardpressed to find a modern construction site that doesn’t take full advantage of drone technology. Why? Well, modern drones are invaluable in surveying, modelling and progression tracking. A top birds-eye view has the ability to quickly identify safety and construction faults, delivering huge cost savings for developers when caught early. If you’re in construction and want to diversify your job why not explore positions within construction tech firms and drone developers? Your inside construction knowledge can be invaluable in developing the apps and software that shape the future of construction.

5. Supply chain diversification

The past year revealed just how dependent some construction firms are on an established and limited supply chain. With limited diversification many construction businesses found themselves stuck without access to supplies as global supply chains were interrupted and unreliable at best, and inaccessible for the most part. This year has already seen businesses taking on the risk of diversifying their supply chains and moving away from monopoly contracts to work with new suppliers. This trend marks a sharp increase in needs for candidates with supply chain, logistics and risk management.

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