Various building trades in Western Australia are regulated and require individuals to be licensed or registered with specific organisations. This article provides an overview of the licensing requirements and key information for builders and tradespeople in Western Australia.

WA Builders License

In Western Australia, there are different types of licences for builders and tradespeople. The main licence types include:

Licensed Building Practitioner

This licence is for individuals only.

Licensed Building Contractor

This licence is for individuals, partnerships, and companies.

Within these licence categories, there are several sub-categories based on the specific trade or specialty.

Building licence requirements in Western Australia

To apply for either licence type in Western Australia, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Between 5-7 years of experience (depending on the licence type)
  • Formal qualifications related to the class of licence
  • References
  • Must not have been disqualified from practising a trade, occupation, or business in Australia
  • Can demonstrate possession of sufficient financial resources

For more detailed information and specific requirements, it is recommended to visit the website of the Western Australia Building Commission.

Building Trades Licensing in Western Australia

In Western Australia, certain building trades require licensing or registration with specific regulatory bodies. Here are some examples:

  • Builders: Registration with the Building Services Board is required.
  • Building Surveyors: Registration with the Building Services Board is required.
  • Painters: Registration with the Building Services Board is required.
  • Plumbers: Licensing with the Plumbers Licensing Board is required.
  • Electrical Workers: Licensing with Building and Energy is required.
  • Gas Fitters: Licensing with Building and Energy is required.
  • Demolition Work (high risk): Requires a licence issued by WorkSafe.
  • Pest Controllers: Licensing with the Department of Health is required.

Each trade has its own specific licensing requirements and regulatory body. It’s important to understand the requirements of your relevant trade licence to ensure that you are compliant with the relevant licensing authority for your trade.

Why you need a trader’s licence in Western Australia

Obtaining the necessary licences and registrations is crucial for builders and tradespeople in Western Australia. The licensing requirements ensure that professionals in the building and construction industry meet certain standards of competency, safety, and professionalism. Whether you aspire to be a licensed building practitioner or a licensed building contractor, it is important to fulfil the specific criteria set by the Western Australia Building Commission.

By having the appropriate licence, you not only comply with legal obligations but also demonstrate your expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality work. The licensing process may involve demonstrating your experience, obtaining formal qualifications, providing references, and showcasing financial stability. It is essential to thoroughly understand the requirements associated with your desired licence type and trade specialty.

Additionally, for tradespeople operating in specific building trades, such as painters, plumbers, or electrical workers, registering with the relevant regulatory bodies is essential to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Please note, Skilled Certified provides useful information on trade licensing as a guide only.  We are not a licence authority. To stay updated on licensing requirements, it is recommended to regularly visit the Western Australia Building Commission’s website and consult with the relevant authorities.

By adhering to the licensing regulations and staying informed about industry changes, you can establish a reputable and successful career in the vibrant building and construction industry of Western Australia.