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Plastering is a skill that can open a world of possibilities and open up many career paths. Solid plasterers can work as plasterers or renderers - they apply plaster, cement and other mixtures to walls to create smooth or decorative finishes for interior walls, and to render to exterior walls. If you want to pursue a career in plastering, achieving a Certificate III in Solid Plastering - CPC31020through Construction Trades College(RTO: 40250) can be an important step in taking their career to the next level.

What a Certificate III in Solid Plastering - CPC31020 involves

This certificate gives you a trade outcome in solid plastering for residential and commercial work. The qualification has a core unit of competency requirements that cover common skills for the construction industry, as well as the specialist field of work, solid plastering.

Where this qualification can take your career

With the right training and certification, you can open doors to many other related fields such as rendering and stucco application, building conservation, traditional lime-based plasters and more.

With a Certificate III in Solid Plastering - CPC31020, you can pursue opportunities to become a solid plastering specialist and work on projects such as new residential or commercial builds, heritage building restoration, renovations or repairs. As a qualified plasterer, you can work as an employee in the building and construction industry or run your own businesses or subcontract to other companies.

No matter what path you take, having a Certificate III in Solid Plastering - CPC31020 will provide you with a competitive edge when it comes.

Fast track your qualifications if you have plastering experience

If you have experience in plastering, there is the opportunity to fast track your Certificate III qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL recognises the skills, knowledge and experience you have already gained in plastering, allowing you to get your certificate faster.

If you're ready to recognise your plastering skills, Skills Certified Australia can help. We will discuss your skills and match you with an RTO who could fast track your certifications and provide you with the recognition you need to succeed.

Take our free 60 seconds skills test to see if you meet the RPL criteria. Our friendly team is here to provide all the advice and support you need throughout the process, and we'll even help you get a portfolio of evidence together for your RTO.

There are lots of opportunities for those with a Certificate III in Solid Plastering - CPC31020 qualification. If this is the qualification for you, contact Skills Certified today to find out more about how it can help take your career to the next level. 

Want to fast track your career by certifying your skills? Start with our free 60 seconds skills test, and we'll contact you with the best pathway to suit your goals.


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