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Is a career change on the horizon, or are you sensing it’s time to move up the ranks in your current industry? Often, the only thing pausing the forward momentum is the fear of being under qualified, or having to dedicate time to studying or training.  

RPL in Australia could be your ticket to taking the next step, and could allow you to earn the qualifications you need within a much shorter time frame. 

What is RPL? 

Recognition of Prior Learning, or RPL, takes into account the skills and knowledge you’ve already gained in your field of work or through study, school and life experiences. Whether formal or informal, an RPL assessment uses your existing skills to fulfill the requirements to achieve a formal qualification. 

RPL in Australia uses a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to determine whether you demonstrate skills in units of competency within the qualification you’re seeking to achieve. 

Similarly, if you’ve attained a qualification overseas but are unable to get it recognised in Australia, RPL can help you to transfer the qualification into one that’s nationally recognised.

The benefits of RPL

RPL can create a number of benefits for your career and lifestyle. It can boost your career prospects and support continuous professional development, whether in your current field of work or an area of interest you wish to transition to. Find out how being certified can increase job opportunities here

You’ll also be able to avoid training that you’ve already developed skills for in the field. This will save you valuable time and money, and will allow you to obtain mandatory industry and licensing requirements without undertaking unnecessary training or further education. 

RPL in Australia also has a number of benefits for those migrating to Australia. It may help to satisfy visa requirements and get you working in your industry faster! 

How to qualify for RPL

To qualify for RPL, you’re required to present evidence of your current skills and knowledge to an RTO, who will assess your skills against industry standards. The evidence required will vary depending on your industry and the qualification you’re seeking.

There are a number of ways you can provide evidence of your skillset. These include references from managers or previous employers, samples of workplace documents, photos and videos of you doing work, your CV and more. 

What steps do I need to take?

An RPL assessment can be completed with the help of a Skills Certified Australia consultant. We’ll guide you through all the steps required to receive your recognition of prior learning.

Step 1: Participate in a free skills check with one of our team members to discuss your goals and to determine the required qualifications. 

Step 2: Gather the required evidence and put together a portfolio that’s ready for assessment.

Step 3: One of our partner RTOs will assess your portfolio and decide whether you need to upskill in any areas. 

Step 4: If deemed competent by our partner RTO, you’ll receive your nationally recognised qualification! 

Before you get started, take a look at these top tips from RPL facilitators. 

If you’re ready to advance in your career or have your skills nationally recognised through a formal qualification, RPL in Australia could be the next step you need to take. Talk to our team at Skills Certified Australia on 13 17 75 or contact us online to get started or to learn more about how to qualify for RPL.

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