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In the aftermath of 2020’s mass job losses and economic shut down plenty of commentators and doomsayers were painting a bleak picture for the Australian job market in 2021. However as we move into the middle of the year the market is looking anything but bleak.

In fact, job vacancies are surging. In February 2021 there were 289,000 vacancies, an increase of 13 percent in the past three months. There seems to be a fast growing demand for labour and positions aren’t being filled, which is a good sign for economic recovery - but what does it mean for those looking for a job?

The bulk of vacancies are in the private sector

If you’re on the hunt for work the chances are you’ll most likely find something in the private sector. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are around 230, 300 current job vacancies in the private sector compared to just 28,000 in the public sector.

Where are the jobs?

The ABS released some staggering statistics in January about the current job market and we’ve pulled together the industries with the highest rates of job vacancies.

Healthcare and social assistance: 39,000

Professional, scientific and technical services: 31,000

Administrative and support services: 29,000

Accommodation and food services: 28,000

Construction: 27,000

Retail trade: 25,000

Manufacturing: 17,000

Financial and insurance services: 15,000

Public administration and safety: 15,000

What are the employers saying?

According to a March survey 19 percent of businesses reported an intention to increase staff in the next three months, with over 58% of those roles expected to be permanent. While the numbers look good 68 percent of businesses who are actively looking for staff have reported challenges in finding suitable staff. This means current job seekers either need to upskill, get more experience or get certified to meet the current market needs.

The most in-demand skills

The construction industry specifically is working hard to try find suitable candidates amidst an ongoing skills shortage. According to a recent Hays report the most in demand skills in construction include:

  • Residential Estimators
  • Site Supervisors
  • Commercial Site Managers

For Health & Social services:

  • Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists
  • Family Violence Specialists
  • Mental Health Practitioners and Clinicians

Administrative & Office Support:

  • Office Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Project Support Officers

While there are plenty of opportunities in the market, there are also still plenty of people looking for work, and it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd for these jobs.

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