Why You Should Upskill

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      Upskilling promotes the continuous learning and development of employees through training programs, development opportunities and formal qualifications. It aims to improve an employee’s skillset and target any gaps in their experience.

      You can approach upskilling on a personal level by working on developing certain qualities. For example, you could set goals to work on communication skills, decision making, organisation or adopting an optimistic attitude.

      You can also look for learning opportunities at work, or speak to your manager about shadowing someone with the skillset you’re working towards.

      Upskilling is highly beneficial to both employees and employers. It improves the skills and knowledge of an employee to ensure they remain highly competent in their position, amidst a constantly evolving workforce.

      Upskilling helps to reduce employee turnover by facilitating promotions within the company. There are many benefits to employee retention, and upskilling is a smaller investment than inducting a new employee into the workplace. Employers who upskill their team are able to boost morale and maintain an efficient and highly skilled workforce.

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