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Studying is an act that is endless and should be given daily attention. Without this consistency, the fundamentals of engaging and applying critical information becomes more difficult for our minds. Knowing how you work best is essential in being able to effectively map out how you’re looking to study each of your most important aspects.

So, we’ve developed a few tips to help you get started…

Know what you’re studying for

The first step in carrying out an effective study is first of all identifying the topic or area of study you want to learn more about. Then, map out its sub-topics and note them down somewhere where you can see all the major categories to observe in more detail. This will help you to cover the topic completely while studying, and also understand it more by relating these categories back to the umbrella one.

Find a space you work best in

Identify the place of study and ensuring it is a quiet, comfortable place that you’re able to maintain focus in. You should also identify and look up necessary reading materials which includes reference books, information from the internet on the topic and other gathered information or personal notes. This will help you prepare adequately for the study period and also ensure you have available study materials during study.

Make sure you have supportive study material

Highlight and take notes as you go through each section of your material, and write down any questions that will help you fill in the gaps. For areas that you find challenging, take detailed notes and dot points on what you did not understand, so you can go back and revise these aspects later on.

Test yourself

The last step involves testing yourself by trying to answer the questions without referring to your books. This will help you to gauge yourself on how well you have understood the topic and parts you did not so that you can look them up later on.

In conclusion, there are various and different study tips that assist each and every individual, but the way we work differs from one person to another. Finding out how you work best is critical for studying success, but following the above tips will get you on the right track.  

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