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There’s no doubt post-pandemic life is different. While we might be getting back to some sort of normality there is plenty of trepidation for both employers and potential employees alike. In Australia, a huge number of people who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic are taking the opportunity to change careers. As one of the strongest industries to emerge from the pandemic, construction presents a range of opportunities. If you’re thinking of changing careers or are new to the Australian job market here are some quick steps to get started in construction post-pandemic.

Research what areas of construction are growing

While it’s certainly true that construction is emerging well post-pandemic, not all areas are progressing in the same way. Infrastructure, commercial and public construction are developing thanks to strong stimulus and recovery investment by the federal and state governments. Residential construction on the other hand has slowed dramatically as homeowners postpone renovations and investors hold onto their capital. Do your research to find out what areas of construction are growing. To get an idea read our blog on how to take advantage of construction industry growth.

Identify the type of role you think would suit you

Once you’ve found a growth area you’re interested in, have a think about what kind of role would suit you. Think about your interests, your physical capabilities, your existing skills and knowledge and how you would like to spend your workday. Are you a highly physical individual that likes tactical work? Being on the tools is probably your best fit, think about roles as an electrician, builder, plumber or specialist construction areas. Are you more strategically or business-minded? Concentrate on construction areas that have a high percentage of project management, strategy and administration roles to grow into.

Start looking for roles & opportunities ASAP

When you know you’re interested, get in touch with businesses working in that area. Yes, it can be intimidating to reach out to potential employers but the sooner you begin networking and looking for positions the better. Many employers will have trainee programs, apprenticeship programs or may have a role opening up that isn’t advertised. The market is competitive so be as proactive as possible! Don’t be too picky either - the important thing is to get your foot in the door and start getting experience. Plenty of people start in a lower-skilled role while they’re in the certification process or waiting for their ideal role to open up. It’s all about getting started!

Find out what skills and certifications you’ll need - and get certified!

If the competitive post-pandemic job market has taught us anything it’s the importance of having a diverse skill-set and being certified. We all know how fragile the economy is and no one wants to waste time and energy training in areas you already have skills in. Have a look at what types of certifications are available for the areas you’re interested in an what you’ll need to be qualified for your desired role. You’ll be surprised at how many skillsets are transferable and how efficient it can be to have your existing relevant skills certified without extra study. Explore the Building and Construction certifications available now through Recognition of Prior Learning. Remember skills including people management, workplace safety and administration are all highly regarded and can help you on your way to a career in construction.

Ready to get certified? Talk to our team on 13 17 75 or leave your details on our enquiry form to find out how you can get your existing skills certified.

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