Are You Ready to Start a Business: The Small Business Checklist

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      Running your own business requires a strong set of core skills including leadership and communication. There are also a number of fundamental business skills including sales and customer service, accounting and marketing. These skills can be developed in the workforce and through formal qualifications.

      Registering your business name is an important step in starting your own business, plus it’s an offence to operate under an unregistered name. It’s also important to register the name of your business to ensure someone else doesn’t take it, or already have proprietary rights.

      Yes, you’ll need to obtain any licences that are relevant to your trade. Licencing requirements vary throughout Australia, so be sure to confirm what’s required in your state.

      If you provide all the relevant information to the ATO and your details can be verified without any issues, your ABN will be processed instantly and you’ll receive written confirmation soon after.

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