What is the Difference Between RPL and a Credit Transfer

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      Yes, it is possible to apply for both RPL and a credit transfer. However, the eligibility and requirements for each pathway may vary depending on your specific circumstances and the qualifications you are pursuing. It's best to consult with the relevant educational institutions or training providers to determine the most suitable approach for your situation.

      The duration of the RPL assessment process can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the qualification, the quality of the evidence provided, and the responsiveness of the applicant.

      Yes, it is possible to receive a partial credit transfer for your previous studies. This means that the completed units of competency or modules that align with the new qualification may be recognized and credited towards your new course. The specific credits granted will depend on the equivalence between the units/modules completed previously and the units/modules required for the new qualification.

      RPL and credit transfer can be applied to a wide range of qualifications across various industries and fields of study. Whether you are seeking vocational qualifications, such as Certificates or Diplomas, or higher education degrees, there are often options available for skills recognition. The specific qualifications eligible for RPL or credit transfer will depend on the policies and guidelines set by the relevant educational institutions and training providers.

      While Skills Certified primarily focuses on recognition of prior learning (RPL), we can provide guidance and support for individuals considering a credit transfer. We work closely with our partner Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), who handle credit transfers, and can direct you to the appropriate institutions that can assist you with the process.

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