4 Qualifications to Boost Your Career in Hospitality

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      The hospitality industry is one the best performing industries in Australia with consistent, continued growth. It’s also one of the largest employing industries in Australia, meaning job opportunities and career advancements are always on the horizon.

      The main sectors of the hospitality industry in Australia are food and beverage, accommodation, travel and tourism, and entertainment. Most hospitality qualifications will create opportunities across all sectors of the industry, however individuals can also seek qualifications within each of the specific area.

      You are required to demonstrate that you have prior learning relevant to the qualification you’re seeking. The skills, knowledge and experience you’ve gained in the workforce must be linked to the Units of Competency in your qualification. You can take our free 60 second skills test to see if you qualify.

      RPL can significantly reduce the time it takes to get qualified as you won’t be required to complete every subject in thequalification. By working alongside one of our team members, you can complete the RPL process and have your formal qualification within four weeks of submitting your portfolio for assessment.

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