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Have you read about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), but wondered how it could benefit you? RPL can have major positive impacts on the lives of career-driven individuals. It’s designed to encourage and assist Australians with undertaking formal education to receive nationally-recognised qualifications.

RPL can help when planning and developing your career by providing access to formal qualifications, without needing to complete entire coursework.

If you’re exploring new avenues in your career, or you’re looking to polish the skills you’ve developed in the workplace; an RPL assessment should be at the top of your list.

Take a look at the top five benefits and decide whether the RPL pathway could be advantageous to your career.

  1. You won’t need to repeat training

One of the most attractive benefits of RPL is its ability to cut your study time and costs. It eliminates the need to study courses and undertake training that you’re already competent in. During the RPL process, you’re required to create a portfolio that showcases your skills and experience. This is then assessed by an RTO, who will compare your experience against the course units in the qualification you’re seeking.

  1. Increase your career prospects

When you’re certified in your trade, your job opportunities will inevitably increase. While it doesn’t guarantee you the job, a qualification will open up your possibilities and give you the opportunity to confidently apply for a broader selection of roles. RPL helps to streamline the process of getting your skills certified, so you can spend less time at a desk studying and more time networking and applying for jobs.

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  1. Earn more money

There are several factors that inspire your job choice, however there’s no denying that money is a key driver. If you’re hoping to change careers or take on a role that offers a pay increase, RPL could help you get the qualification needed to do so. While skills and experience are important to landing high paying jobs, formal qualifications make you more valuable to employers.

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  1. Improves your CV

Career growth relies heavily on a strong and up-to-date resume. The key to staying ‘hireable’ is through regular upskilling and formal qualifications. The RPL process makes this achievable by certifying your skills and experience as you continue to develop them in your current role. You can build an impressive CV by achieving qualifications that support your experience in the workforce.

  1. You can still work whilst earning your qualification

If you’re getting a qualification in the hope of also getting a pay rise; it’s likely you can’t afford to take time off work to study. Don’t worry, you’re not alone- most Aussies are in the same boat. Thankfully with RPL, you’re able to gain your qualification whilst continuing to work.

Are you ready for a career change? Find out more about how RPL can help. If you’d like to know more or you’re ready to start the RPL process, contact our team today.


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