RTOs are required to offer RPL to individuals. At Skills Certified Australia, we partner with RTOs to help applicants understand the RPL process and collate evidence to support their application. Once sufficient evidence is gathered, our partner RTO will assess the application against the relevant qualification. If successful for the required units of competency, they will issue the qualification to individuals who are using RPL to achieve a formal qualification.

There are thousands of RTOs in Australia, and each of our relevant partner organisations is listed under the corresponding qualifications outlined on our website.

So, what are the requirements of a RTO and how will you interact with them during the RPL process?

Let’s take a look!

What types of RTOs are there?

RTOs can be privately or publicly owned and operated, ranging from small sole traders to large companies. Types of RTOs include:

  • TAFE institutes
  • Community education providers or organisations
  • Schools
  • Higher education institutes
  • Commercial training providers
  • Industry bodies
  • Other organisations that meet the ASQA requirements

What type of qualifications do RTOs issue?

RTOs are responsible for providing the following levels of qualifications:

  • Certificates I, II, III and IV
  • Diplomas
  • Advanced Diplomas
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Graduate Diplomas

How will I interact with a RTO?

An RTO is your gateway to getting your experience recognised with the relevant qualification.

One of our partner RTOs will be responsible for assessing your portfolio of evidence against the units of competency within the qualification you’re seeking as per the packaging rules. During the evidence review, an assessor from the RTO will be allocated to your case. If additional evidence is required or there are gaps in your experience, your assessor will be in touch to rectify this. In some instances, you may be assigned a trainer who will upskill you.

RTOs empower individuals to enter the workforce or change careers in a way that’s time efficient and cost effective. Your future is in good hands when you seek RPL assessment through one of our trusted partner RTOs.

To learn more about the RTOs responsible for issuing your qualification, get in touch with us today on 131 775, or send us an email at  [email protected].