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Many Australians slaving away subordinate roles companies dream of being their own boss, but how do you go from pie-in-the-sky idea to registering for an ABN and making a serious go of it? Knowing when you’re ready to make the jump is arguably one of the most important things that sets the success-stories apart from the failed ventures, so we’ve put together a short list that should get your brain moving in the right direction. These are things you should be prepared to do if you’re looking to start your business the right way. Read on to learn more.

Recognise your passion

It’s important to know what your passions are. If you’re wiling away your time at your office job day-dreaming about the big idea you had weeks ago in the shower, it might be time to give that one a little bit more dedicated attention. When you can’t think of much else – especially during business hours – than your business idea, it may be time to start chatting to someone with a bit more experience than you. 

Find a mentor

If you don’t know any entrepreneurs, meet some. There are tonnes of online spaces that facilitate mentorship relationships between business-owners; browse online and you’re sure to find someone in or adjacent to your target industry who may be able to offer even just a few sage words of wisdom over a cup of coffee. Without advice from a respected source, you’re reliant on the internet for business advice, which is a road you certainly don’t want to go down.

Find an opening and build the tools to exploit it

It’s not just enough to have a cool idea; you have to have an idea that everyone else thinks is cool. Do some research or speak to your mentor – is there a market for what I’m selling? Has it been done before? Is there a better time for me to pursue this when the market is less saturated? Once you’ve determined that this is the moment, you need to get your resources together and start seeing how you can apply them. Think of it like being a jeweller – even if you have a beautiful raw stone, you still need the tools to turn it into something that’s worth millions.

Take the plunge

Once you have all the resources and knowledge you need, it’s time to actually make the jump. There’s a lot than can go wrong in the earliest days of a business’ life, so rely on your support network and your mentor to guide you through this tumultuous period.

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