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Today’s job market is notoriously competitive. This is hugely supported by the statistics that over half of the applications received for any given job qualify for the role. This means it’s incredibly difficult for applicants to stand out against the crowd. Crafting a well written CV is an all important aspect of weaponry in the fight for your dream job, but not knowing the first steps can be detrimental.

It is said that each CV is given a sixty seconds scanning period to land either in the bin or the interview tray. With these tips and tricks, you can spruce up your CV and finally get one foot in the door.

The Basics

Ultimately, there is no wrong or right way to write a CV, as long as it contains the core basics. These include: contact and personal information, education and professional qualifications, work history, applicable skills, relevant achievements and references.

Tips and Tricks to Make your CV Effective

  • Simplicity is key

Make your CV easy to read by using an active tone of voice and simple sentences. Including a mini profile in the first half page of the CV gives the reader a quick summary. The length should also embody simplicity with two or three pages being optimal.

  • Tailor your CV to each job application

It is of utmost importance to ensure your CV is relevant to each job description. The use of keywords that are relevant to the job gives will help your resume stand out.

  • Keep it clean

A sloppy CV is the biggest turn off. Layout and grammar are two areas where your resume needs to showcase its perfectionistic qualities. Double check for grammatical and general sentence structure errors. In the case of layout, neatness and simplicity are key.

  • Put your best foot forward

Showcase your achievements every chance you get by highlighting the ways in which you exceeded targets or innovations and ideas that resulted in positive changes. Highlighting the specific figures amounts of the changes gives you added credibility.

  • Keep it up to date

Constantly and consistently update your CV regardless of whether you are looking for a job or not. Add in your achievements immediately they occur so as not to forget it.

  • Fill in time gaps

Huge time gaps in your CV makes your potential employer suspicious.Settle their suspicions by filling these time gaps with volunteer work experience or technical or skills training that build up your qualifications.

  • Honesty is the best policy

Fluffing up your resume might land you an interview, but it might cost you that dream job if you’ve avoided being truthful. Don’t overplay your skills and abilities, or you’ll wind up in hot water once you’re in the deep end.

  • Highlight Important Information

Ensure the reader can quickly gain access to you contact information by highlighting it in bold. Segmenting your CV into the relevant areas and arrange everything chronologically.

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