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Fitting into the fitness industry takes more than just a love for the gym and a closet full of workout gear. So how can you tell if you’re up to the task? Take a look at three characteristics you should have if you’re looking to become a great personal trainer.

You enjoy consistently learning new techniques and information

When you work in the fitness industry, you get to interact with a variety of clients with different abilities, goals and limitations – so it only makes sense that you’ll need to know how to provide the right service for each one. This means being versatile with your knowledge and techniques so you can help each client get the best results. It also requires you to stay on top of new fitness techniques and information that might be useful to your clients. If you love the thought of working in an industry that consistently changes and improves itself, being a PT might be the right path.

You thrive on helping others achieve their goals

Are you that friend that always inspires and motivates the people around you to work towards what they want? Do you feel excited by seeing others improve right before your eyes? Personal training can give you the chance to do exactly that every single day. It can be extremely rewarding to be a part of this process, but it’s also important to remember that it’s a responsibility you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, it’s your job to be a voice of support and encouragement that they can rely on, and if you can’t be that then perhaps it isn’t the job for you.

You don’t mind working flexible and unconventional hours

It’s no secret that being a personal trainer is vastly different from working an office job, but what you must consider before starting down this path is just how suited you are to the flexible nature of this profession. Many clients have to fit their training around the typical 9-5 work hours and other commitments, which often means working early mornings or late nights become the norm for their trainers. So before you throw yourself into the fitness world, take a moment to consider what working hours you would be happy with.

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