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There are a number of different ways to get a qualification without studying, all of which usually involve either practical hands on experience (like an apprenticeship) or a test of your knowledge. Skills Certified Australia gives you the chance to get a qualification quickly and easily through the recognition of prior learning (RPL). This involves taking your previous knowledge in an industry and assessing your competency and demonstrable skills. This is carried out by a qualified assessor and if successful, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification - without studying!

What are the Benefits of RPL?

There are a huge number of benefits that can be gained from RPL. It is a quick and easy way of opening new career pathways and getting a new job. If you have experience in an industry, then you might find that the RPL process is perfect for you! The benefits of RPL include:

  • Having your qualifications recognised can lead to better and broader job opportunities, which will have benefits for both your career and your lifestyle.
  • With RPL you will be able to develop your career prospects without the stress and repetition of doing the same training over and over.
  • Using RPL to obtain a qualification can help you obtain a visa if you are trying to immigrate to Australia.
  • RPL needs no classroom study and works purely on your prior knowledge in a specific field.
  • It is quick and cheap, meaning you won’t have to pay large training costs and you also don’t have to take a lot of time off work for courses or study.
  • The best thing? You will probably end up with a qualification!

Take a look at the RPL process and see if it works for you - it probably will!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is able to obtain RPL?

Anyone with some sort of prior experience or training is welcomed to apply for RPL. However, you will only be awarded a qualification if you can prove that you meet the standards required in Australia.

Can I apply for RPL if I’m an immigrant?

Absolutely! If you have previous experience or qualifications in your country of origin, then you can get these accepted. This will allow you to work in Australia, and to be nationally recognised. If money is an issue and would like to receive a qualification without studying, then RPL could be the way to go! 

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