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The prices demanded by Australian tradies for their services continues to climb, year in and year out. The 2018 financial year is no exception – across the country, tradie wages continued the trend and kept rising.

For those curious, serviceseeking.com.au have collected data to demonstrate some of the biggest wage growths for tradie industries, and how these have differed from rates in the last financial year.

The trades making the biggest rate waves

We’ve listed a few examples around the country to demonstrate how far rates have increased during this financial year:

Builders in Queensland increased their rate by 32.73% to $88.63 an hour, New South Wale plumbers increased their rate by 21.81% to $90.83 an hour and electricians increased rates to $67.20 for 13.84% increase, while plumbers in Victoria increased their rate by 10.88% to a total of $82.95 an hour.

Previously, handymen during the 2017 financial year had the largest increase in rates, boasting a rise of 11.97%. This means that even if your trade isn’t on the richest trade list, there’s always a chance it will be in the future.

Regardless of trade, the 2018 financial year saw a 5.78% increase in hourly rate growth across the board compared to 4% in the 2017 financial year – an entire 1.78% increase, which can certainly add up.

Keeping in mind the not so fun money details

Although these big bucks seem amazing, it’s important to remember that big earners won’t get their big wages in their entirety, so plumbers won’t unfortunately see 90 odd dollars land in their account as this is the rate before tax. Other things that should be taken into consideration include superannuation, insurance, tools and tool maintenance, and the assorted costs associated with work vehicles.

Ready to capitalise on the tradie wage boom?

If you’re an experienced tradie and are looking to start making big money by officially registering with your state body, look into gaining Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for your relevant trade. Skills Certified offer a simple 60 second skills check to get you qualified quickly.

After your initial assessment and you’re successful, you’ll just need to put together a portfolio of evidence and Skills Certified pair you with a Registered Trade Organisation (RTO). After your review, you may very well qualified for your trade! Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more today.


Reference: serviceseeking.com

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