Australia's most in-demand skilled jobs in 2023

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      Most trades require formal qualifications. If you are looking to enter a trade with existing skills but without the formal qualification, then Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) could be the best option for you. This process allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and get accredited quickly and easily.

      RPL is the process of gaining a nationally recognised qualification or skill set by demonstrating existing knowledge and skills acquired through life experience. During the RPL assessment process, an assessor will evaluate each individual’s knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications to determine if they meet the required industry standards.

      The most in-demand construction jobs in Australia for 2023 include Construction Managers, Civil Engineers. The most in-demand trade will be electricians but builders, painters, plumbers and carpenters are also in high demand.

      At Skills Certified Australia, we can match you with an RTO that offers the qualifications you need. Our team of knowledgeable experts can help guide you through the RPL process and support you throughout the entire journey. Contact us today to get started.

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