Licences You May Need for Your Construction Business in Western Australia

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      To work legally in the building and construction industry in Western Australia, you generally need to be licensed or registered, depending on your trade. Licensing requirements vary based on the specific trade or specialty. It is important to check with the relevant regulatory bodies or visit the Western Australia Building Commission website for specific information.

      The main types of builder licences in Western Australia include Licensed Building Practitioner and Licensed Building Contractor. The Licensed Building Practitioner licence is for individuals, while the Licensed Building Contractor licence can be obtained by individuals, partnerships, and companies. There are additional sub-categories within these licence types based on the specific trade or specialty.

      To apply for a builder licence in Western Australia, you generally need to meet criteria such as having 5-7 years of experience (depending on the licence type), formal qualifications related to the class of licence, references, and the ability to demonstrate sufficient financial resources. It's important to refer to the Western Australia Building Commission for specific requirements based on your licence type and trade.

      For more detailed information about licensing requirements in Western Australia, it is recommended to visit the website of the Western Australia Building Commission. They provide comprehensive information about licensing, applications and more.

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