Licences You May Need for Your Construction Business in Victoria

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      Depending on the nature of the construction work, various licences may be required in Victoria. Some common licence types include Domestic Builder licences, Commercial Builder licence, and specialised trade licences such as electrical, plumbing, and gasfitting licences.

      To obtain a trade licence in Victoria, you need to meet certain criteria, including relevant qualifications, experience, and completion of the application process. The specific requirements vary depending on the trade. You will need to submit an application, provide supporting documentation, and possibly undergo assessments or interviews to demonstrate your competence in the trade.

      Yes, permits are generally required for construction projects in Victoria. The specific permits needed depend on the nature and scale of the project. Common permits include building permits, planning permits, and permits for specialised activities such as plumbing or electrical work. It is important to check with the local council or relevant authorities to ensure compliance with permit requirements.

      If you hold a trade licence from another state in Australia, you may be eligible for mutual recognition or recognition of prior learning in Victoria. This allows you to transfer your licence without undergoing the full application process. However, specific requirements and procedures apply, and it is advisable to contact the Victorian Building Authority or the relevant licensing authority for guidance on the transfer process and any additional requirements.

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