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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process designed to aid those with particular experience and knowledge in a field of work obtain (or obtain units of competency against) a nationally recognised qualification. Organisations like Skills Certified Australia assist candidates throughout this process alongside our extensive partner network of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). If you have skills, knowledge or experience cultivated overseas or outside formal education avenues, RPL could save you time and money, avoid repeating previous training, and even improve your career prospects. In this blog, the team explore how RPL works.

STEP 1: Free Skills Assessment

Skills Certified are experts in RPL . After you express interest in undergoing an RPL assessment, we can pair you with one of our professional consultants for a free, no obligation skills check. This will allow us to understand your current position, your goals, and how best to build a pathway forward to achieving the relevant qualification, or certain units related to it.

STEP 2: Building a Portfolio of Experience

RTOs need to ensure that Australian standards are upheld in the workforce, meaning you will need to present evidence of your competency in the given field. Work alongside your dedicated consultant to begin building a portfolio of evidence that you can present to an RTO. This will be filled with pieces such as previous certificates or overseas qualifications, work samples, footage of work conducted, references, and more.

STEP 3: RTO Reviews Evidence

Once your portfolio is completed, one of Skills Certified’s partnering RTOs will assess its contents against the qualification in question. If further information is required, your assessor will be in touch. Otherwise, you will either be deemed competent in your field and receive your units or full, nationally recognised qualification; or be told of your weaker areas needing to improve. In this circumstance, the RTO may even pair you with a trainer or course to help you upskill to the necessary standard.

STEP 4: Qualified!

Since you have gone through Skills Certified, all qualifications issued by their partner RTOs are recognised across Australia, allowing you to be applicable for a greater range of opportunities, pay scales, and may assist with licensing and immigration matters.

To learn more from the experts, contact Skills Certified today by calling 13 17 75, email us at [email protected], or leave your details on our easy to complete enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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