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What is Recognition of Prior Learning?


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows individuals to be granted all, or part of, a nationally recognised qualification by demonstrating skills, understanding and experience in a particular field of work. 

Through an extensive partner network of registered training organisations (RTOs) Skills Certified Australia can convert your experience, skills, knowledge or overseas qualifications into a nationally recognised Australian qualification. The RPL assessment process can often be completed using existing evidence of your skills and usually does NOT require additional study.

Do you have skills, knowledge and experience gained over the course of your career? If you do, you may well be eligible for a qualification. You may have worked in the field for so long that your practical skills exceed that of a fresh graduate from TAFE. 

Have you already got your qualification from overseas but found out it is not recognised in Australia? Skills Certified Australia understands your need to turn an overseas qualification into one that is nationally recognised in Australia, and we provide a range of quick and easy RPL gap training programs to cover any specific requirements for Australia.


4 Steps to RPL Success


1. Free Skills Assessment

Speak to Skills Certified Australia about your goals, and allow us to guide you towards the qualification that will help you reach them.

2. Portfolio of Experience

Your dedicated consultant will then guide you through the process of putting together a portfolio of evidence. This can contain overseas qualifications, transcripts, certificates, photos and videos, samples or work examples, letters of reference, your current resume, etc.

3. Evidence Review

Once one our partner registered training organisations (RTOs) has assessed your portfolio, the assessor assigned to your case may be in touch to arrange a competency-based conversation. Sometimes, practical observation may be required. If you have any weak areas, the RTO will assign a trainer to upskill you at no cost to you.

4. Qualification

Skills Certified Australia is partnered with Registered Training Organisations whose qualifications are nationally recognised in Australia and are the same as the qualification you would receive from full time study. Qualifications cam also be useful for licensing or immigration purposes.



How Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can work for you



Working with Skills Certified Australia to have your skills recognised through RPL can have a wide range of benefits for your career and lifestyle. Achieving a nationally recognised qualification through Skills Certified Australia can have multiple benefits, including:



Save you time and money

Improved career prospects

Avoiding the repetition of previous training

Continuous professional development

Help with immigration and visa requirements

NO face to face classroom-study

Meeting relevant industry and licensing requirements

Higher education credit exemptions

100% Money Back Guarantee*