With the world as ever changing and globalised as it has become, securing job positions has never been more competitive.

In this blog, the professionals at Skills Certified explain why first impressions matter, and how to land that dream job!

It’s 2019 – Get with the Times!

Populations are growing, industries are diversifying, and technology is advancing to weed through masses of applicants. Which is why, in 2019, you need to get with the times if you want to stand out.

Begin by optimising your CV to pass algorithm screening. Companies don’t have the time to read every single resume, so they will run it through sophisticated software programed to identify key phrases and flag negative material. Spend time researching phrases potential employers want to hear, as well as the formats AI technology can read.

Once you pass this, you want a cover letter that gives you a stunning first impression. Employers want succinct, to-the-point pieces that summarise and sell your skills. Two to three paragraphs max! Include:

  • State the role you’re applying for
  • Explain experience and skills related to the role
  • Examples of demonstrating your suitability

Save the flair for your interview.

Utilise Social Media

Companies will often post advertising material and job opportunities on their social media pages, so it is prudent to follow and keep present with their activity. This will help you gain insight into the company’s values, culture and expectations. By the same token, ensure that your social media presence isn’t compromising to your application, showing any contradictory information or less than flattering content.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have previously worked overseas in the industry you are applying for, your employer will want to know that you have been deemed competent under official Australian standards. This does not mean you will be forced to complete long and expensive courses covering the material you already know. Instead, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL is the process by which industry assessors will review evidence you have supplied demonstrating your ability within a given field, and they will either award credits of competency against your qualification, or rule that further work is needed.

For further information and assistance with the RPL process, contact the professionals at Skills Certified today by calling 13 17 75.