One such way is to amplify your business career through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Who can get business skills certified?

Now you may be thinking ‘I’m a builder/salon owner/ hospitality manager, I’m not in business.’ But the sneaky thing about business careers is they can be incredibly vague, and very flexible. Core business skills are necessary for every business to operate, in every industry. It’s very common for individuals to have no idea they work in roles that would traditionally be considered ‘business’ roles.

If you want to solidify your desirability as a candidate and future proof your career, start getting your existing business skills certified through Recognition of Prior Learning and stand out as a star performer without the extra costs and time of the extra study.

Get certified for your people management and leadership experience 

You don’t need a certification to be a great leader or manager. But certification absolutely helps when you’re a candidate for a new role or an existing employee in a business. Employers like to know you have a workable theory and conceptual knowledge and by getting your leadership experienced certified you illustrate that you can apply your leadership expertise outside of your current role and industry.

A huge shift in people management has seen the trend of ‘leader managers’ arise where employers are expecting their managers to have more evolved leadership skills and education. If you’re already managing a team consider getting your experienced certified with a leadership and management qualification through one of our partner RTOs

Make your administrative tasks work for you.

It doesn’t matter what industry or ‘official’ role you’re in, if you undertake business administrative tasks you can make them work harder for you and your career through certification. Through one of our partner RTOs, consider getting your past experience certified with a business administration qualification. If you’ve ever owned your own small business and want to start creating a career path away from business ownership, Business Administration can be an excellent direction.

Build on your Workplace Health & Safety & Risk Management experience

If you’ve ever had experience as a WH&S officer or warden in your workplace, why not get it recognised? Having a formal qualification in Work Health and Safety can put you out in front of other candidates as a responsible leader and signifies you can be relied upon in high-pressure situations. Similarly, if you are in charge of Risk Management and mitigation – whether formally or informally, get your experience recognized. Employees who can identify and manage risks to organisations can potentially save employers huge amounts of money long term, making them very valuable candidates and employees.

Take the time to reflect on all the tasks and responsibilities you have, and explore what Business certifications you can use your past experience and existing skills for.

To find out how Skills Certified Australia can help get you certified through our partner RTO’s call 13 17 75 or contact us online.