How to Create a Professional Portfolio That Stands Out

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      Portfolios vary depending on industry, however yours should give a comprehensive overview of your work history and skill set. Be sure to include a career overview, a short bio, samples of your work, any awards or achievements, certifications and licenses, and references or testimonials.

      An online portfolio should include both written and visual elements. It should be clear, simple and a complete picture of your most notable skills and experience. No two portfolios should look the same, so let your creativity and personality drive the overall appearance.

      Getting professional help can be incredibly valuable, especially if you’re new to business planning. Experts can provide insights and guidance on market trends, financial forecasting, and strategic planning that you might not have considered.

      A professional portfolio includes a collection of your work samples that best represent your skills, experience and qualifications to future employers. A portfolio is a simple and engaging way to display your work.

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