Finding the right job with favourable financial prospects can be challenging. However, obtaining the appropriate qualification might be the key to unlocking your dream job or securing a higher-paying position. Let’s delve into the certification courses that can lead you to top-paying industries in Australia.

Certification Courses

Here are some well-paid jobs in various industries.  We’ve listed the average pay (as an employee) and the associated certifications that can open doors to these lucrative career opportunities.

Welders – $91,000

Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade – MEM31922

Welding is a sought-after skill in industries like construction, manufacturing, and engineering. This certification equips you with expertise in metal fabrication and welding techniques, making you an indispensable asset in these fields. With a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade, you can command a rewarding salary and enjoy a fulfilling career in metalwork and construction.

Electricians – $110,000

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician – UEE30820

Electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance are essential services needed across various sectors. By earning a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, you validate your competency to handle electrical tasks efficiently and safely. With the demand for skilled electricians continuously growing, this qualification opens doors to well-paying jobs in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Carpenters – $85,000

Certificate III in Carpentry – CPC30220

As a certified carpenter, you’ll possess the skills to construct, install, and repair timber structures. The construction industry heavily relies on qualified carpenters for their expertise in building and renovating homes, commercial spaces, and infrastructure projects. With a Certificate III in Carpentry, you can embark on a rewarding career that offers stability and financial security.

Plumbers – $80,000

Certificate III in Plumbing – CPC32420

Plumbing is a crucial aspect of any building or facility, making certified plumbers highly valuable. With a Certificate III in Plumbing, you’ll be equipped to handle water supply, drainage systems, and various plumbing tasks with utmost precision. This qualification allows you to tap into a stable and rewarding career path with opportunities in both residential and commercial sectors.

Metal Fitters and Machinists – $110,000

Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade – MEM30219

Industries reliant on metalworking and machining seek certified professionals who can design, assemble, and repair metal components. With a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade, you demonstrate your competence and technical skills in metal fabrication, making you an attractive candidate for well-paid roles in manufacturing and engineering.

Joiners – $74,000

Certificate III in Joinery – CPC31912

Joinery is an essential skill in construction, furniture making, and shopfitting industries. A Certificate III in Joinery equips you with the knowledge and skills to manufacture and install timber joinery products with precision and craftsmanship. Embrace this qualification to carve a rewarding career in woodworking and interior design.

Stonemasons – $72,000

Certificate III in Stonemasonry – MEM30119

Stonemasonry involves working with natural and artificial stones for construction and restoration projects. As a certified stonemason, you’ll contribute to preserving historical buildings and creating impressive architectural structures. A Certificate III in Stonemasonry can lead you to fulfilling opportunities in the construction and heritage restoration fields.

Bricklayers – $72,000

Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying – CPC30120

With a Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying, you’ll master the art of building walls, fences, and structures using bricks and masonry materials. Bricklayers are essential in construction projects, and this certification opens doors to well-paying roles in residential and commercial construction.

Painters – Around $65,000

Certificate III in Painting and Decorating – CPC30611

As a certified painter and decorator, you bring creative flair to interior and exterior spaces. Your artistic touch is highly valued in construction and renovation projects, allowing you to enjoy a stable employment with competitive pay. A Certificate III in Painting and Decorating can lead you to a fulfilling career in the building and design industry.

Construction Managers – $180,000

Diploma of Project Management – BSB50820

Construction managers play a pivotal role in planning, coordinating, and executing projects efficiently. With a Diploma of Project Management, you’ll be equipped with the managerial skills to lead and organise a team effectively. Your ability to troubleshoot roadblocks, devise innovative solutions, and ensure cohesive teamwork will make you a highly sought-after professional in the construction industry.

The verdict

Investing in the right certification course can pave the way for a well-paying and fulfilling career. Remember, these are the average pay per trade as an employee – you can earn even more than this if you run your own trades business. Embrace these opportunities and take the first step towards a brighter future.